The New Swell: Mazatlàn Edition

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Off the beaten footpath and beyond the floods of flocking surf-tourists, lays a rock reef treasure trove of peeling point waves. Though we're no experts on international swell-scouting, nor are we world class cutback connoisseurs, but we do know a quality corner when we see one, and the offerings in this Southwestern section of the Sinaloa region of Mexico can be unsuspectingly above average. 

Culturally and historically a resort town renowned for its sandy beaches, 19th century landmarks and big-game fishing, Mazatlàn is a lesser-known wave park, awaiting an adventurous frother willing to try something different. From lengthy sandy-bottomed lefts to San Onofre-esque cobbled rights, this region provides more than its fair share in terms of shralpable corners and stand-up walls with the added perk of minimal crowding.

With swell exposure only to the South and South West, this region experiences its best swell windows from April through October, making it the ideal sneak-away surf trip to evade the bustle of Southern California's summer 'rush'.

We recently spent a week in this Pacific coast gem of a municipio and are already plotting our return.

Wave wishes + salty dreams.

- the RPL crew

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